Saturday, September 09, 2006

Congratulations, Lukas!

In your prayers today please remember Lukas Laniauskas, who will profess First Vows in the Society of Jesus this evening at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Cleveland, Ohio. A native Clevelander and a proud Lithuanian-American, Lukas grew up in a Jesuit parish (the very one where he is professing his vows) and studied at Loyola University Chicago before entering the Society in Lithuania in 2004. Though Lukas was abroad for most of his novitiate, he also spent several weeks at Loyola House earlier this spring, where my classmates and I had the chance to get to know him. After professing vows today, Lukas returns to Chicago for First Studies. I regret that I'm unable to be in Cleveland to witness Lukas' vows, but he'll be in my thoughts and prayers today as he publicly commits himself to a life of service in the Society of Jesus. Please join me in praying for Lukas, and (as I've asked before) please pray also for all Jesuits in formation and for vocations to the Society. AMDG.


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