Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kidnapped priest released in Baghdad.

A sad story that I mentioned last week seems to have a happy ending. Father Doglas Yousef Al Bazy, a young Chaldean Catholic priest from Baghdad, disappeared from his parish on November 19th in an apparent kidnapping. AsiaNews reports today that Father Al Bazy was released by his captors last night and has returned home. Though few details are available, Father Al Bazy is reportedly in good health despite the stress of nine days in captivity. For Iraqi Christians, the news of Father Al Bazy's release offers some light in dark times. The overall situation remains bleak, and we should all heed the words of Chaldean Catholic Bishop Shleman Warduni, who made the following statement following Father Al Bazy's release: "We ask everyone to support Iraqi Christians in prayer, especially as Holy Christmas draws near. Pray for our children who will not receive toys, for our young girls who cannot dress up and for our elderly people who cannot enjoy the deserved serenity that should come with old age. Our prayer gives us the strength to press ahead and to resist in this difficult situation." May we make Bishop Warduni's prayer our own. AMDG.


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