Friday, December 21, 2012

Headline of the day.

Apropos the much-hyped Mayan Apocalypse (this year's Y2K), this headline in today's edition of the Toronto Star made me laugh. I hope that it lightens what I expect is a stressful day for many, with last-minute Christmas shopping, holiday travel, and the like. AMDG.


At 12/21/2012 8:34 PM, Blogger Robin said...

Or, as one of my friends said, we've been Left Behind!

At 12/22/2012 6:55 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

I agree with Grumpy Cat -- worst apocalypse ever!!/RealGrumpyCat/media/slideshow?

At 12/22/2012 11:55 PM, Blogger Lynda said...

Robin, I never thought about the Rapture!

Barbara, Grumpy Cat is priceless.

Joe, you reminded me of Y2K - so much work.


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