Saturday, December 31, 2016

Be True To Your School.

As another year comes to an end, here is a different sort of item, posted simply because I like it. Robert Frost once urged that "if you have to love something, you could do worse than to give your heart to a college." I imagine that Brian Wilson and Mike Love were making a similar point regarding high schools when they wrote "Be True To Your School," which became an early hit for The Beach Boys in the Fall of 1963. I came to appreciate the song in a new way when I discovered this 2010 cover by the Brooklyn-based band Oberhofer, perhaps because the disarming simplicity of Oberhofer's rendition gives the song a plaintive yet winsome quality that I don't readily associate with the original. In any case, I hope that some will enjoy this as much as I did, and I extend my best wishes to all as 2016 yields to 2017. AMDG.


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