Monday, February 08, 2010


Having received over two feet of snow this past weekend and with another major snowstorm expected tomorrow, Philadelphia is in the midst of what promises to become the snowiest winter in the city's history. The forecast for Friday and Saturday was grim enough to lead me to cancel a planned trip to Washington - a wise move, it turns out, as the District ended up with more snow than Philly and is apparently still paralyzed by the white stuff. Despite the heavy snowfall here, the Philly streets were sufficiently navigable by Sunday morning that I was still able to make it to church (joining ten others, out of a congregation that normally numbers around a hundred). With the forecast for tomorrow calling for another twelve to twenty inches of snow, I now wonder whether I can realistically expect to teach on Wednesday morning or whether I and my students will become beneficiaries of a midweek snow day.

The above photos offer a sense of the effect that this past weekend's snowstorm had on SJU. The first image in this set was taken in the parking lot of the Jesuit residence on Friday night, as the new-fallen snow began to accumulate. Taken from my bedroom window on Saturday, the second image replicates the first sight that I saw that morning. Normally bustling City Avenue was nearly deserted on Saturday (third photo), while the campus presented some postcard-perfect views (fifth photo) and a panorama of students at play in the snow (sixth photo). The final image in this set was taken from my window late on Saturday afternoon, after the storm had ended and as area residents began to dig themselves out. Happy to have endured the weekend in relative comfort and with minimal inconvenience (the cancelled trip notwithstanding), I can only hope to get through tomorrow's storm with equal good fortune. AMDG.


At 2/09/2010 9:43 AM, Blogger Salvatore said...

Perhaps I'm just an overly hopeful senior with a severe bout of senioritis...but I'm wondering whether we might ALSO have off on Thursday!!

The Weather Channel says the storm is going to come in two waves, tonight (Tuesday) and then on Wednesday day, ending on Wednesday at midnight. Either way I guess we can ALL be happy we aren't in Washington right now. Didn't they get 30 inches??

Peace out! See ya on the Finnesey Field sledding circuit!


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