Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 + 11.

I don't have much new to say about today's anniversary, especially after last year's post on this date. I can say that this is the first time that I will have spent 9/11 outside of the United States, an experience that feels very strange to me.

The New York music blog An Unamplified Voice has a post featuring a great deal of raw video footage of the World Trade Center on 9/11, some of which I had not seen before today. As the blogger at AUV writes of the events seen in the footage, "This happened, even if there was (and remains) no polite space for it even to be contemplated."

Notwithstanding the above caveat, I believe that music helps - or at least it helps me. The Air from Johann Sebastian Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major is hardly an original choice as far as memorial music goes, but originality isn't everything, and classics are classics for a reason.

Eternal memory!


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