Friday, May 13, 2011

On Georgetown's "founding relic."

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this video on the Georgetown University website in which Father Ron Murphy, S.J. explains the history of an old cross that hangs in Dahlgren Chapel on the Georgetown campus. I can't find a way of embedding the video on this site, so here is part of what Father Murphy has to say about what he calls the "founding relic" of Georgetown:
That ancient cross brought over from the old country is the founding relic, in a way, of Georgetown University. It was made from ship's iron that had been brought all the way from England . . . in the Ark and the Dove, sailing vessels that brought the first Catholic settlers to America and to found the Maryland colony.

. . .

When John Carroll founded Georgetown, part of his purpose was, 'We really need to be able to educate our clergy in this country; they really shouldn't have to go to Europe to get a higher education.' That's why he said, "My whole hope for our religion in this country is based upon this institution." The cross is a wonderful symbol of how tightly tied-in Georgetown is both to Europe and to the purpose of the first settlers in coming here to establish a state where you could freely practice your religion and also allow others to freely practice theirs.
To view the actual video, click here. AMDG.


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